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    Planting guide Planting Forage for Honey Bees in Canada

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    This guide entitled Planting Forage for Honey Bees in Canada: A guide for farmers, land managers, and gardeners, was produced by Pollinator Partnership Canada. The guide was commissioned for discussion purposes by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) on behalf of the Bee Health Roundtable, an industry-government forum. This guide provides an overview of where and how honey bee forage can be created in Canada. It provides general information to farmers, road, utility and land managers, as well as home owners who are interested in enhancing honey bee forage and bee habitat. The primary focus of this guide is forage creation for honey bees but creating forage and habitat will also help native bees and other pollinators. The guide covers three strategies for helping honey bees and other pollinators under the headings: Preserve, Restore, and Maintain.

    Organisation : Pollinator Partnership Canada
    Auteur(s) : Pollinator Partnership Canada
    Date de publication : 28 juin 2017