Atelier sur les paillies à courte rotation

Voici 12 documents en version anglaise qui ont été présentés lors de l'atelier de travail "Short-Rotation Afforestation and Agroforestry Systems for Energy Purposes and GHG Reduction", tenu à Guelph, Ontario,  les 1 et 2 mars 2011.  On y retrouve : 

Pros and cons of torrefaction of woody biomass
Biomass Value Simulator
Federal policy and initiatives related to woody biomass and bioenergy 
Measuring and Monitoring Carbon in Short-Rotation Afforestation Systems
Large-scale production of willows in SRIC: growth performance, insect biocontrol and cultivar selection
Willow Fractionation
Social Sciences Approaches to Examining Development and Deployment Issues
Short-Rotation Biomass Production in Native Willows

Growing woody biomass for bioenergy in southern Ontario, Canada - A case study using tree-based intercropping as an example 
Harvest and post-harvest efficiency in plantations and natural stands of woody crops 
Sustainable biomass production in agroforestry systems 
Life Cycle Assessment of Short- Rotation Willow Crop for Bioenergy