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    Perspectives économiques dans le veau d'embouche- Creating & Maintaining A Profitable Beef Cow Business In 2003 & Beyond (2/2)

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    Présentation dans le cadre de la 9 ième journée bovine LABORATOIRE G.M.F. inc., le 6 juin 2003. Perspectives économiques dans le veau d'embouche (2/2). Document pdf 1539 ko, délai d'ouverture selon votre connexion. In last several years I have conducted many producer seminars in the U.S. and Canada on cattle cycles and my updated set of long-run (next 8-10 years) feeder calf planning prices. We then used these long-run feeder calf planning prices to evaluate five management strategies that a beef cow producer might implement to generate added profit from the cattle cycle. I have now incorporated this Cattle Cycle Seminar, my post-September 11th long-run calf planning prices, and the five profit making management strategies into a computer CD video that can be purchased directly from me. (Email me at harlan.hughes@gte.net or call 701-238-9604 for details). It is a stand alone program and does not require any other program to run. It operates on a windows operating system.
    The CD contains a file that can be printed out if you want a copy of the charts and slides printed out from the video.

    Organisation : LABORATOIRE G.M.F. inc.
    Auteur(s) : Harlan Hughes
    Date de publication : 22 juillet 2003