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    Willingness-to-Pay For Branded Fresh Beef Products In Canada

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    Document en anglais. Ce rapport présente les résultats d'une recherche. This report presents the results of research carried out under contract by researchers at the University of Manitoba for Canfax Research Services, administrators of the Improving Alignment of the Supply Chain funding pathway of the National Beef Industry Development Fund. Primary objectives of this research component were to assess the current state of fresh branded beef offerings in Canada and to determine the willingness to- pay of Canadian consumers for such products. A second component of the research, “pricing to value in the beef supply chain”, was carried out under sub-contract by researchers at Oklahoma State University. Two reports arising from that research component, led by Dr. Clement E. Ward, are available from Canfax Research Services.

    Organisation : Canfax Research Services, National Beef Industry Development Fund
    Auteur(s) : Dr. Jared G. Carlberg, Ms. Evelyn Froehlich, Dr. Clement E. Ward
    Date de publication : 28 décembre 2007