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    Enhancing Canadian Beef Industry Value-Chain Alignment

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    Document anglais sur le développement des marchés de créneau de la viande bovine. The Canadian beef industry operates in a highly competitive world protein market. To be successful in this arena requires strong commitment to a common goal among vertically aligned industry participants. Different markets can evolve and coexist. For example, a high quality market, an organic or natural market, or other target outlets might develop. The key is that each target market has a well-aligned Canadian beef value chain providing the particular product attributes and assurances targeted consumers want. Each segment of the vertical market chain from seed stock and cow-calf producers through feedlots, packers, and processors must work  together toward the common goal of the particular consumer market being targeted. This means that sharing of information vertically up and down the production and marketing system is critical. Conceptually, this sounds simple and easy, in reality, it is complex and difficult. What are the goals of the Canadian beef industry? How does alignment of the supply chain influence the ability of Canada to attain these goals? What strategies might industry participants consider as they pursue these goals? These are a few of the particular questions this report addresses.

    Organisation : National Beef Industry Development Fund
    Auteur(s) : Ted C. Schroeder, Ph.D.Professor of Agricultural Economics Kansas State University
    Date de publication : 18 février 2008