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    “Year Round Grazing 365 Days”

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    Document anglais sur différentes idées pour allonger la saison se pâturage en Alberta pour réduire le coût de production.  They have been actively applying, flexibly adjusting and fine tuning these 300+ day grazing systems on their cow/calf operations for many years. This project was carried out to demonstrate how some producers are applying the art and science of low cost/unit production to their personal, grazing structured, beef business. Their planning and management is focused around ways to keep cattle grazing. They are doing this with a higher degree of flexible management, but with less labor and machinery than traditional cow/calf operations. Calving later in spring or summer, Use body condition when animals have excess fat, Build body condition when plenty of feed is available, Cows can travel to the feed source, Can utilize various feeds, ie. chaff, straw, corn stover, etc. and, Harvest their own feed by grazing.

    Auteur(s) : Group of Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA)
    Date de publication : 09 mai 2008