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    The Science of Beef Quality

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     Document anglais de l'Angleterre sur la qualité de la viande bovine. 
    Effect of beef systems on meat composition and quality (p-1 ) N.D. Scollan, I. Richardson and A.P. Moloney. 
     Issues affecting beef production in Poland (p-7 ) H. Jasiorowski.
    Evaluating video image analysis (VIA) systems for beef carcass classification (p-9 ) P. Allen.
     Genetic effects on beef meat quality (p-13 )J.F. Hocquette, G. Renand, H. Levéziel, B. Picard, I. Cassar-Malek.
    Biological bases that determine beef tenderness (p-21 ) M. Koohmaraie, S.D. Shackelford and T.L. Wheeler. 
    Studies on beef eating quality in Northern Ireland (p-27 ) L.J. Farmer, B.W. Moss, N.F.S. Gault, E.L.C. Tolland and I.J. Tollerton.
     Improving the eating quality of beef: optimising inputs in production and processing (p-33 ) R. I. Richardson.
     Integration in the beef supply chain (p-39 ) R. A Phelps.
     Beef quality – a Northern Ireland perspective (p-43 ) W. M. Tempest
    Future trends in the European beef industry: a global view (p-45 ) D. Evans
    Beyond reforms the system matters more than ever (p-49 ) D. Pullar
    The way ahead for the British beef industry (p-53 ) R Forster
    Eating Biodiversity: an investigation of the links between quality food production and biodiversity protection (p-57 ) H. Buller, C. Morris, O. Jones, A. Hopkins, J. D. Wood , F. M. Whittington and J. Kirwan
    The effect of genotype and pelvic hanging technique on meat quality (p-59 )F.O. Lively, T.W.J. Keady, B.W. Moss, D.C. Patterson and D.J. Kilpatrick
    Effect of carcass weight on meat quality of longissimus dorsi from young Holstein bulls (p-61 )B.W. Moss, L.J. Farmer, T.D.J. Hagan, L. Majury, T.W.J.. Keady, R. Kirkland, G. Kirkpatrick,R. Steen, D. Patterson, D.J. Kilpatrick and S. Dawson

    Organisation : University of Bristol
    Auteur(s) : Eighth Annual Langford food Industry Conference
    Date de publication : 04 décembre 2007